No Tee Times

I was so excited today. It was time for our first round of the year. Golf to me is something I look forward to all summer long. I have golfed in December, January, or any time it get decent enough to get out. This past Friday my buddies and I made plans to get out today since it was going to be so nice out. The options were limited, but we found a 12:20 tee time at one of our usual courses. I was a little excited so I left early and picked my buddy up and headed to the course. We get there about a half hour early and went to check in.
“12:20 tee time.”

“Sorry sir, I don’t see you on here.”

“I made it Friday, it was at 12:20, I’m positive. Let me go check my phone.”

I go check my phone and sure enough we had a tee time at Tanna Farms at 12:20. Except… it was scheduled for yesterday. Whoops!! Somehow the filter I had on there reset and it brought it back to Saturday. Of course they have absolutely no times for today. We were screwed. Look of disappointment all over my buddies faces. We called every course we could get to, but nothing available. I messed up.

There was another course right down the street so we took a quick drive down there. Booked. She said there was a group in front of us and they hadn’t checked in yet, so if they didn’t check in, they would let us on. The lady ended up completely hooking us up. The group checked in, but they still decided to let us on. Disaster averted. We got on, played like we haven’t played in a year, but still loved every second of it. It was windy and we weren’t sharp, but at least we got on. I would’ve felt terrible if I would’ve costed us a chance to get out today!


  1. Trina · 21 Days Ago

    Beautiful day to be out! So glad your charm worked to get you on the course.
    Maybe it’s was your friends’ charm. Whatever it was, glad it worked!


  2. Sara T. · 20 Days Ago

    Lately I’ve noticed a few forgetful, old age settling in posts. Better start taking your Centrum Silver multivitamins!

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  3. Michelle Strezo · 20 Days Ago

    What a great day to be outside!!! I’m glad it worked out!


  4. EugeniaKouts · 20 Days Ago

    I am glad you got it to work out! I like how you booked it for the day before . . . and now you will never be in charge of making the tee time reservation. Well played!


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