Brewery Review-Day 20

I am a huge fan of craft beer. I have probably turned myself into a beer snob. The amount of money I spend on a four pack of beer is a little absurd, but I can’t help it. I love IPAs, but have now gotten to the point where it can only be specific ones. There is an app called Untappd that I use religiously. I won’t go into a liquor store without my phone. To me, it is like getting dressed in the dark if I can’t use that app when buying beer. I have my favorite breweries, but unless a beer rates really well, I won’t even try it. The best thing about it, is that there are so many good breweries in Illinois. I have my stores that I know that carry the beer that I love, and I will travel to get to them.

There is a brewery that I have become very fond of lately. I would say that I would probably even put it into my top five. The brewery is called More Brewing, and they have a brew pub in Huntley and Villa Park. It started with just really enjoying their beer. They have some great hazy IPAs, and really good milkshake beers. Since we didn’t have anything going on tonight, I decided that we should take the kids and check out the brew pub in Villa Park. The menu looked good, and I wanted to try some new beers from them. We took the thirty minute trip out there, and it did not disappoint. When I checked in, they said about an hour. We came up with back up plans on the way there in case there was a crazy wait. We decided since we were already out here, we would just wait. We took a little walk around the area and found a playground to take the kids to. Twenty minutes later our table was ready. Perfect!

The place lived up to exactly what I was looking for that night. The ambiance of the place was great. They had a nice, roomy layout, with cool decorations. We decided we were just going to load up on apps. It was the right choice. The food was fantastic, and the kids got to enjoy cinnamon ice cream after dinner. It was like Cinnamon Toast Crunch in frozen form. Delicious. My wife got a flight, checking out some of the different beers they offered. I got a couple different ones, and they were fantastic. The only negative about this place is that it is a little bit of a drive, but I am willing to make it. This will for sure be on our short list of places to go. Our kids really liked it as well. For some reason, they seem to love going to breweries. I am all good with that! If you are a beer lover, or even just want a new place to check out, I would definitely recommend More Brewing. I even left with three four packs of some of the beers that we liked. I will be back there very soon!


  1. Ameliasb · 21 Days Ago

    I’ll have to check it out when if I visit that area. I love craft beers to and our town seems to have breweries popping up as fast as banks these days. I am not of fan of IPA’s however and so I’m frustrated because they are so popular!

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    • mcteaguem · 21 Days Ago

      I feel like there are IPAs for every beer lover, you just need to find the right ones. Definitely check it out.


  2. EugeniaKouts · 21 Days Ago

    I’m not a fan of beers but I am a fan of good food! I will have to try this place out with Pete and the kids. I’m glad you all enjoyed it, even the kids.


  3. Lori Brunke · 20 Days Ago

    Thanks for the new place to try!! Definitely will put on list!
    That’s awesome that your kids like to go. I notice that some places have gotten smart and made them kid friendly!!
    Keep the recommendations coming!


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