Let the Count Down Begin-Day 22

Every year around this time I have to listen to people talk about how they are going somewhere for spring break. I just get the “I need to get the hell out of Illinois” face on. In other words, I’m jealous. This year, I get to be one of those people, finally! This is actually a make up trip from December. We were supposed to go with friends to Orlando for Christmas break. As is it came closer, the virus was getting worse. Our biggest issue was that we would be getting home on the 23rd, and then seeing family the next couple days for Christmas, some of which were high risk. We couldn’t take that chance. The worst part about having to cancel was we had to pay for almost nothing. Our friends are Hilton Honors members so we would have had a free stay for the week. We had points, so our flights were not going to cost us anything either. It was a very tough last minute decision to tell our friends that we had to bail. Luckily we did. Two days into the trip, they found out their son had tested positive. They ended not only having to cut their trip short, but they also had to drive back. Disaster averted.

We wanted to make it up to them, so we started looking at flights over break. They were the cheapest I have ever seen them so we jumped all over it. My in-laws have a place in Florida, so once again, we weren’t paying for anything except spending money. Luckily our friends were able to pull it off as well, so in exactly one week I will be sitting on a beach in Florida. I love going on vacations, but I usually don’t count down the days. This year, I have been counting them down for the last month. I just want a change of scenery mixed in with sun, beach, cocktails, golf, and good friends. The kids will be super excited to swim in the pool and play around in the ocean. We will eat well all week, whether we go out to some of our favorite spots, or cook out at their place. Unfortunately due to too many hurricane hits, this past year they moved from right on the water to a couple miles off. It makes sense, but I will miss waking up to the sounds of the ocean right outside our windows. This new place has a community pool in their backyard, and since it is a new community, it is only them and one other house. This means a pool all to ourselves. I will take it.

This week will be filled with laundry, packing, and cleaning. Then we get to leave all of that behind and enjoy mid to upper 70’s. Let the count down begin! This week can’t get over soon enough.


  1. susand1123 · 19 Days Ago

    I think many of us are as excited about Spring Break as you are; I hope you have fun!


  2. Ameliasb · 19 Days Ago

    I hope it is exactly what you need!


  3. EugeniaKouts · 19 Days Ago

    I love that you got it figured out! I will now have the look of jealousy on my face as you walk out of the building on Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful and memorable time together.


  4. Trina · 19 Days Ago

    I am so jealous! The sunshine, the ocean….ugh! Enjoy every minute. You deserve it!


  5. kvanhorn1966 · 19 Days Ago

    I am jealous, too! We’ve got a trip to Mexico planned in June, though. Seems so far away!


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