I can’t shop anymore.  I have spent more money stocking up on stuff over the last week than I have in the last two months.  The uncertainty is killing me.  I hear now they may be literally shutting down cities, which means we will be stuck in our houses even more than before.  With this uncertainty, I wanted to make sure that we had enough to carry us through at least a couple weeks.

I now have way more than we probably need, but I don’t want to get into the situation where we are out of what we need.  I have gone to probably six stores over the last couple of weeks and spent a ton of money at each one.  Every time I think we have everything we need, something else comes up.  After three more shopping trips today, I am calling it quits.  I can’t handle going into these stores, with empty shelves, and trying to scrap together everything we need.  My shelves, my fridge, and my freezer are full!  If they shut down the cities, we will be well fed.  Now the problem becomes not eating too much!


  1. Sara T. · March 20

    I’m with you on all these sentiments. I am sick of thinking about not having “enough” of everything. I don’t feel like we have enough to last 3 weeks at the rate my kids are polishing off snacks. I REALLY hope we’re not in that situation.


  2. Shelly021 · March 20

    I need to stop the bleed! WE have food, even if we have to eat the stuff that seems to get pushed back on the shelves because it is not the favorite. I have one order to pick up tomorrow and the band aid is going to stop the bleeding for a little while! You are brave for entering a store!! I can’t even…


  3. allthisliving · March 20

    I keep trying to live as close to normal as possible. We will make our weekly shopping trip tomorrow because we can still. If that ever becomes something we cannot do, then we will make our plans from there although I would be that we could stretch out what we already have.


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