Vacation Day 2

Yesterday we had a brutal bloody nose on the airplane down to Florida. Was hoping that would be it. Silly me. Day 2 then came. We had a two our drive to our final destination to our in laws. We absolutely crammed every piece of luggage and our golf clubs plus seven people into the little minivan we rented. I am good at Jenga now. On the road we go.

First stop was McDonalds to get a nice, healthy breakfast. Of course there was a line around the building. We got our food and on the road we go. Everything was perfect until about 15 minutes out. All of the sudden you hear it. It started with a tiny scream. Then an “uh oh” by our friends son who was crammed in between my two kids in the back. My wife looks back to see what was going on. My son, who had the bloody nose, was puking all over the back seat. Awesome. We have no way of getting out of the car. We have no towels or anything to clean it up.
“Ten minutes my man. Can you hang in there?” He gives us a sad nod and we finally make it to the house.

We got it all cleaned out, the kids got in the pool and all was good again. Two days, two different types of fluids coming out of my son. Once again, I’m hoping this is it. 🤞 We will see what else this vacation brings. As long as the alcohol keeps flowing, all will be good. Here’s to day 3!!


  1. Anita Ferreri · 11 Days Ago

    OH my goodness. This is SUCH a REAL OSL about traveling with children that I have to comment. THIS is the REAL thing,

    Blood and guts at
    finish live!


  2. Sara T. · 11 Days Ago

    Oh man. Poor kid. This is exactly why I can’t sit in the back of vehicles when we go on road trips. I always volunteer to drive! I have gotten car sick too many times to name from weaving, braking, any kind of jolting motion. Hopefully B got it all out of his system.


  3. Michelle Strezo · 11 Days Ago

    Poor kid! Dramamine! I hope he is all done for this trip, he has earn the time to rest and enjoy now!


  4. Trina · 11 Days Ago

    Ugh, this is not the way your vacation should start! I hope he feels better and that he is ok for the rest of the trip. Hopefully all of you enjoy the remainder of your vacation.


  5. Natalie Dunne · 10 Days Ago

    Oh man. My son is a frequent car puker, so I have been there MANY times. Poor kiddo. Poor you guys.


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