Last Day

Today was what vacation is all about. We all got to sleep in, and we were definitely on vacation time. After a little breakfast we packed the car and headed for St. George Island. One of my favorite places we go. It was the perfect day, mid 70’s, sunny, and a little breeze. The kids played in the chilly water all day and had a blast. My daughter collected sea shells while the boys jumped over the waves. The adults cracked a drink, laid out in the sun and relaxed. It was perfect.

My daughter wanted to take a jet ski out which you didn’t need to convince me of. As I was signing up for a time, the people coming in kept saying how they saw dolphins on their ride. The dolphins swam right by them as they skimmed the water on the jet ski. I was pumped. I have always wanted to live that. My turn. I got out in the open water and let it loose. The farther I went, the better the waves got. I hit about five waves perfectly where the jet ski was fully flying in the air. I laughed to myself as I was flying over the water. Then I went on a dolphin search. Nothing. Not one. I was so bummed. I turned around and picked up my daughter to now go with me. We cruised around and searched and searched for dolphins. Nothing. Not one. Bummed. I drove back in and switched with my wife. She only had about ten minutes left, but she made the most of it. As she came back from her cruise she was all smiles. She fricking had dolphins swim by her as she drive around. Four of them to be exact. Whatever, as long as one of us got to see them. I’m not jealous at all. Nothing. Not one bit.

Dolphins or not we had the perfect vacation day. As we all sit tired and nursing our burns, I just smile and feel great. This is what I needed! Crazy that this month has already flown by. Until next year, it’s been a slice!! Thanks for everyone who took the time to read and comment. I loved reading yours as well!!


  1. writingandlaughing · 10 Days Ago

    Ha! Wouldn’t you know it! 🐬 Thanks for sharing glimpses of what sounds like a lovely family day together. ❤️


  2. susand1123 · 10 Days Ago

    Glad you had that perfect day! Everyone should have at least one of those on spring break. I hope the rest is as good.


  3. natashadomina · 10 Days Ago

    I’m feeling jealous of your vacation day! You describe such a perfect day–except for not seeing dolphins-but that part made me laugh, so it was good for your slice. What could be better? (Okay–maybe seeing dolphins. Sorry.)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sara T. · 9 Days Ago

    I had to look up St George island. I assume you get there by a ferry boat. Sounds like a great day of relaxing!

    Liked by 1 person

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