Top 20 Things I Learned Part I

I am going to break down the top 20 things that I have learned during these last few weeks off due to the Corona Virus.  I am doing the first ten tonight, and wrap up this challenge with the final ten tomorrow.

Before I start, Happy birthday Cassie!   Hope it was a good one!

  1. I hate the Corona Virus.  No explanation needed.
  2. I actually really do miss teaching.  I would’ve thought that if we had an opportunity to get off a couple extra weeks without having to make it up, I would be ecstatic.  Turns out, I wish nothing more than to get back in the classroom with my students.
  3. My kids are awesome.  Being stuck in the house for this long, I feared the worst with my kids.  However, they have been such troopers.  They play so well, love doing the school work, and rarely fight or argue. They make it so much easier on us.
  4. My wife is a work horse.  My wife works from home, so besides the summer, I don’t really get to see her work.  Over the course of this week, she has had so much thrown at her, not to mention the fact that her huge presentation is due.  She worked day, night, and weekends.  Never complaining, just getting it done.
  5. I am not good at being quarantined.  I need to get out!!
  6. I miss going out!  See above.  We typically would go out to dinner at least once a week, plus some bar nights with friends sprinkled in.  I miss it!!
  7. I need adult interaction.  As much as it is fun talking with my kids, I need to have some actual adult conversations.
  8. I don’t like being told no.  My wife is taking this very seriously, as am I, but I still want to try and sneak over to our friends house.  She told me no.  I don’t like it.
  9. Even working out is fun.  The mental hurdle is the toughest for me to get over when it comes to working out.  Now, I actually use it as a break from doing nothing.
  10. Fresh air is key.  Getting outside has been so important.  I don’t care if it is cold, rainy, or whatever, I still need to get out and get some fresh air each day.  Although, having the sun out is so amazing.


There are my first ten.  The second ten will close out this chapter of slicing tomorrow.


  1. natashadomina · March 31

    It’s fun to read this list and think about which of these would be on my list. My very favorite here is #2. It’s so true–both the expected feeling and the reality.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sara T. · March 31

    I’m with on you on #9. I have totally used working out to get me out of feeling crappy. If I don’t work out I feel so useless and lazy…like REALLY… you didn’t have time today Sara??!!! No more excuses.


  3. susand1123 · March 31

    Yes, I echo all of these. i can’t believe how much I miss being at work.,,,


  4. brenwiz94 · March 31

    Great idea for a list. I also like #2 best. What a surprise. I would have expected it after several weeks, but after 2 weeks off I’m ready to go back.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. EugeniaKouts · March 31

    Great list! As much as I go out during the school year, I have been OK with staying home. So much so, that there are days that I don’t go outside at all. I am shocked by this. But unlike you, and Sara, I would love to get up and exercise but the motivation has not hit me! I need to get moving! I love that you acknowledge what a hard worker your wife is even though you don’t always see it. I look forward to #11-20 tomorrow.


  6. Noora108 · March 31

    Gotta love all the numbers related to kids and adult conversations. I think we all have some that are the same. I definitely love and miss my kids more now that I am home and actually enjoying them. I did start running again…one of the good things out of quarantine.I definitely miss walking those halls back and forth…I need to move!


  7. Trina · March 31

    I like this idea! Looking forward to tomorrow’s 10. I feel like you hit lots of the major ones today..
    .wondering what’s left for tomorrow.


  8. Michelle · March 31

    Number 8 is my favorite, but they are all great!


  9. Natalie Dunne · March 31

    My kids have been surprisingly great through all of this too. Makes it a lot easier!

    I also try to get outside as much as I can. On Saturday, when I finally got out there, it had started to rain. But I said, I don’t care, and walked for at least 10 or 15 minutes out there anyway.

    Listen to your wife!


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