Struggle bus

Today was a struggle. Granted it was my own fault, but it was a rough one. We played an online poker game with friends last night, and the girls all chatted on Houseparty. Well, a couple of rounds of shots and a bunch of beers later made for a rough start to the day. I had all intentions of getting a lot done around the house. That will now start tomorrow instead.

I finally decided I needed to get off the couch and do something to try and make myself feel better. I went upstairs and decided I would do a workout. Sweating it out hopefully make me feel better. My daughter followed me up and wanted to do a workout with me. So we did. Well I did the elliptical and she spun around in a chair for a half hour. Then I grabbed my weights and she asked if she could do it too. I grabbed her my wife’s 3 lb weights and we worked out together. Then we did band work, sit ups, and a couple push ups.

The cute part was that she wanted to do this with me. She motivated me to do it even more. It really did make me realize how much we shape our kids lives though. If they see us being bums and sitting on the couch all day, that becomes normal to them. This is something that I am going to keep in mind over this break, making sure we are keeping them active. We need to be the examples for them, because they pay attention more than we know.


  1. susand1123 · March 30

    You don’t always realize how much you influence your kids, Glad you are trying to set good examples!


  2. Michelle · March 30

    Even though it was a struggle, it sounds like it was great bonding time together!


  3. terisblog302496239 · March 30

    She will remember the fun workout with her father, great moment!


  4. Natalie Dunne · March 31

    Sounds like a nice time with her. My daughter loves to come work out with my husband, doing weights and such. It’s super cute. And when I walk on the treadmill, my son often comes down and raised the stationary bike the whole time I walk.

    Glad she motivated you!


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