Good Start

Our 8:15 Saturday morning gymnastics class was cancelled, and we have nothing on the books for today.  I was going to sleep in.  I was going to relax and do things on my own schedule.  So far, most of that has gone well, except the sleeping in part.  We are watching my mom’s dog for the week while they are on vacation, so he decided it was time to wake up at 7:40.  Two seconds later my son came in.  I hesitantly got up and ran the dog downstairs to let him out.  As soon as I let him back in and fed him, back to bed for me.  My son came down, got his own snack, then went back up to his room for a bit.

I grabbed my phone of course and started playing around on it.  Both of the kids are now up and in our bed.  My daughter is especially cuddly which is fine by me.  We toss on some cartoons and relax for another hour or so.  We get a little wrestling in before they get hungry. My wife kindly gets up and goes down to get them breakfast.  I on the other hand, pull the covers back up and flip on golf.  Tiger vs. Rory today. Must watch.  My wife asked me if I was going to just stay in bed all day, not in accusatory way, but solid question seeing that I was pretty comfortable.  I seriously thought about it, but I decided that 10:00 is probably long enough.  I headed downstairs, ate breakfast, flipped golf back on, and her I am.  I did fold laundry on the couch while watching golf so I was productive for a minute.  I do plan on getting some stuff done today, but like I said, it will be on my time.  The best thing about today is my wife and I both said it feels like a Sunday.  That is an amazing feeling knowing that we still have Sunday to look forward to.

Hope you all are having a nice, relaxing Sunday as well.


  1. CKing · March 30, 2019

    Sounds like the perfect start to the #1 day of the year! Enjoy it!

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  2. mcteaguem · March 30, 2019

    It is the #1 day. Wondering what other #1 things I could do to make it perfect.


  3. Lori Seidelman · March 30, 2019

    I love having lazy saturdays that feel like Sunday! Glad you get to enjoy it before we head back to work Monday!


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