All Good Things

All good things must come to an end.  Today two things come to an end, the Slice of Life Challenge, and Spring Break.  I really enjoyed them both this year.  Even though there are days where I don’t feel like writing, I think that is the point of this challenge.  It challenges you to feel just like our students feel sometimes.  You have to push through on those days that you are just not into it.  What is probably my favorite parts about this whole thing is the interaction with the other bloggers.  Some I know, some I have never met.  Each person that takes a second out of their day to read your slice, and then comment on what they thought of it.  That part is what I get the most satisfaction out of.  I also really enjoy reading what others are doing and going through.  It gives me a behind the scenes look into a lot of my friend’s lives that I otherwise may have never known about. I will miss reading these stories and even writing my own.  Until next year!

As far as spring break goes, my wish was to go somewhere warm.  That didn’t happen.  If my wife didn’t have such a brutal work week, I seriously would have packed up and found some last minute place to go.  Since that wasn’t in the cards, we decided that we would make the best of it here.  If feel like we did a great job of that.  I conquered my list, and even got some fun nights out minus the kids.  Last night we went out with my sisters and brother-in-laws to a little dive bar and played some games.  It was a much needed night out to close out break.  Today sucks a little because of it, but it was worth it.  I am bummed to see this break come to an end today.  I will miss hanging with my two amazing kids.  I will miss being able to go and find different places to go and explore.  The nice thing is that summer break is only a blink away.  Then we get to do it all over again.  Only this time, maybe not so many things in a row.  That was a little exhausting.  Hopefully next year we can find a place to get away to.  One last treat for break will be visiting my niece, who works at Graham’s Ice Cream.  If you haven’t been…go!!

It has been real Slicers!  Lets finish strong!


  1. sarahschulte321 · March 31, 2019

    I liked your connection to our students-sometimes they don’t feel like writing, and we probably all experienced that at least once this month. Glad you had a good break…and yes summer is coming soon!!!

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  2. Natalie Dunne · March 31, 2019

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs! Til next year!

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  3. terisblog302496239 · March 31, 2019

    Yes, it does give us a peak into our friends lives. That has been fun. And, for those not so fun moments it has been very supportive. Until next year!

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  4. zasadilj · March 31, 2019

    ✅ SOL challenge completed. It’s so true that some days writing came easy and other days it felt so daunting. This last post has been hanging over my head all day as I was enjoying spending time out at my parents’ home.

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  5. fireflytrails · March 31, 2019

    Your description of the SOLC is spot on. And it sounds like a good spring break, even if cold. Now the challenge is to try to carry some of the good things from SOLC and a break from routine with us as we go forward back to the real world. Good luck! And as you said, summer is truly only a blink away!

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  6. paulabourque · March 31, 2019

    Loved connecting with another Cub fan. Congrats on a great month of slicing!

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  7. Lori Seidelman · April 1, 2019

    41 more days until summer break! I have to count being in kindergarten and all! Glad you had a good break. Glad I’ll still get to hear “dead rat stories” at lunch! See you tomorrow 😩


  8. EugeniaKouts · April 1, 2019

    How true! A peak into our lives that we don’t always get to share. I am glad you loved your break! Enjoy the rest of the break – a few more hours!


  9. Sara T. · April 1, 2019

    I will miss reading everyone’s stories, too. I think there should be a SOL poetry session to discuss more of our writing goals!


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