22 Years Later

Wow. I haven’t been here for 22 years, and it is nothing like I remembered. That is most likely because last time I was 21 years old, and drank myself into a spot where food didn’t even taste good. Now I am back here in the daylight with my family. The drinks are the same, the dirtiness is the same, the Cajun smell still lingers. The memories have for the most part faded, except for the one place. Pat O’Briens.

My spring break of my senior year in college, four of my friends and I took a road trip down to New Orleans. It was my first spring break ever. We had a blast, from what I can remember. My roommates best friend was trying out for the New Orleans Saints, so we had a free place to stay. Albeit was a two bedroom condo and he had a roommate, so we all made due on the living room/kitchen floors. We had a keg in his place so we drank all day, then went to Bourbon Street at night. It was amazing, but at the same time brutal. We drank way too much. I remember being there, but what we did was a blur.

Now I am here for my brother in laws wedding. It is a beautiful 75 degree day so we decided to venture out back to that famous street. I kept telling the story of the one place I remembered crystal clear, and that was Pat O’Briens. My roommate drank too much, and sitting outside on a 95 degree day hungover as can be didn’t work out too well for him. He puked red slushy stuff all over the patio. Two guys sitting a table away laughed and jeered at him. That is until Our football player friend, who was a mammoth of a human being, stood up and asked them what the *^<% they were looking at. I have never seen two grown men apologize and cower away so quickly.

I took a picture and sent it to the group on a Facebook message. I haven’t talked to any of these old friends in years, so wasn’t sure what their response would be. I just captioned it, “remember this place?” Minutes later, my buddy replied “yes! “ And even said in the next text, “Pat O’Briens.” I couldn’t believe it. It had been 22 years since we were here, and it took one picture for him to call where we were. Impressive. We then had a few more responses reminiscing about the week we spent here. The memories all came flooding back.

Now that I am here with my family, way more sober, I look back so fondly at that sh*tshow of a week. It was a mess, but a mess I am now so happy to look back on. May even go back tonight with just the adults and see what kind of damage we can do. Who wants a Hurricane?


  1. amandapalubiak · March 25

    Sounds like a fun spring break! Super cool to be back with family and celebrate in a new way!


  2. My hubby and I are going to New Orleans over spring break! What are the chances?! Any recommendations? Enjoy your trip!


  3. EugeniaKouts · March 25

    Different kind of celebrations . . . tomorrow you have to still take care of kids so no over-doing it! Have fun! Hopefully you will remember everything from this trip.


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