The Slice of Life challenge is tough to begin with.  Then add in that we are in the movie Groundhog’s Day, stuck at the house doing the same thing every day.  It makes thinking of something to write about way more difficult.  Lets see, do I write about my kids for the 20th time, the Corona Virus, or something else that I have done, which is nothing.

After I got off another Zoom meeting with the fourth grade teachers, I learned that this little “vacation” we are on will most likely be lasting through the end of April, if not the end of the year.  Yippee.  I needed to get out.  I needed to go burn off some energy, and since it is supposed to rain the whole weekend, we had to take advantage of getting outside.  My kids strapped on their helmets and we took a bike ride around our neighborhood.  It felt good to ride around, even though it was a little chillier than I had hoped.  Going with the wind it wasn’t too bad, then we turned the corner by a huge pond and the wind came howling straight at us.  I had aspirations of doing a nice, long ride, but that chill ended that quickly.  We still took a decent ride, but cut it a little shorter than normal.

On our way however, we were out looking for paw prints.  Our community in Batavia is having residents color in different things and post them in their windows.  Last couple of weeks it was shamrocks.  The kids were supposed to look for shamrocks in people’s windows and keep track of how many they found.  Now that St. Patrick’s Day is over, they switched it to paw prints, for the Batavia Bulldogs.  My kids colored and taped them to the window.  Now every time we go out, whether it is a bike ride, or to walk the dog, we keep an eye out for the paw prints.  I love seeing how excited they get every time we find a new one.  When they get home, they have a sheet that they color in how many they have found total.  It isn’t much, but it gives them something to do while we are out an about.  As we are all in this together, we need to keep finding ways the community can continue to do things that keep these kids entertained, while still following the separation rules.


  1. Trina · March 25

    I was definitely not thrilled to hear end of April as a possibility either, but the other side is at least we will head back for a bit. There is NO WAY I could do this and then go straight into summer break. It is hard to stay home and staying home with younger kids is much more exhausting. Hang in there and get outside when you can!


  2. Natalie Dunne · March 25

    My kids live doing the hunt around the neighborhood! We did shamrocks. Our neighborhood has also done silly faces and animals. We’ve also done a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood finding things on our list like: a flag, a garbage can, a pinecone, etc. We’ve done 2 of those and both kids loved it.


  3. Cassie · March 26

    It is so hard to keep these little ones entertained without going anywhere. But if nothing happens and we feel like we are questioning why we did this then we did it the right way. So many walks for us and today each one of my kids ran with me for a distance… just an idea!


  4. Noora108 · March 26

    Definitely colder than I thought today. I was hoping for some warm winds…nope. Had my recess jacket on in the sun 😉 Kids played outside while I attended IEP meetings/Teacher Meetings. SPED has their meeting on Friday…I guess I already know what they are going to tell us.


  5. mcteaguem · March 26

    That blows that you guys still have those meetings!! Hope you enjoyed some of your day.


  6. EugeniaKouts · March 26

    Topics are not easy to come by that’s for sure! Enjoy the time with the kids . . . hopefully it will be ending soon!


  7. terisblog302496239 · March 26

    How many times can I write about my walks….it is getting to be more of a struggle. I’m really hoping for mid April. I think I can handle until the end of April. Definitely don’t want to have to think about until the end of the year. Good luck to all of us.


  8. macksworldsite · March 26

    Yes, it’s definitely a struggle to find a topic each day. Originally, I was writing about something I saw each day. But now I really just stare at my walls.


  9. Shelly021 · March 26

    It was a great day to walk the dogs and Ryan got in some baseball at the park too. I love how the neighborhood is trying to stay connected.


  10. kvanhorn1966 · March 26

    We found our walk to be chillier than anticipated, too! At least I got the 13-year old off the Xbox!


  11. Sara T. · March 26

    Definitely feels like Groundhog Day.


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