Not that kind of Cougar, the baseball kind. One big thing I missed about last summer was our ability to go to the Kane County Cougars games. We live right down the street, so whenever we get a chance, we love going there. I love it because there is no better atmosphere to me than a baseball game. I have loved that game since I was young, and watching these young men compete is so fun for me. The kids love it because they get to run around, go up and down the hill, eat popcorn, hot dogs, and ice cream. They get to go to the kids area and play in the bouncy houses and just be silly with their friends. We love to get lawn seats, grab a couple of lawn chairs, and enjoy the beautiful weather the summer has to offer. All while still spending less than just the parking at Wrigley.

Today on our way home, we drove by the stadium. I took a quick glance just remembering how much fun we have there. I miss it. I asked the kids if they were ready to start going to some games again and they let out an enthusiastic cheer. Even though it was way more fun when they were affiliated with the Cubs, I don’t even care what team they represent. They are our Cougars, and we will cheer them on regardless. Minor league games are so nice because they are super inexpensive, they are so close, and they are so kid friendly. Our kids have tried to throw the ball to the targets during innings. They have run the bases after the game. They look up to the mascot as if they are celebrities. But there is nothing better than the fireworks at the end of the game. Dollar for dollar, that is one of the best fireworks shows around. Now that the kids are a little older, we don’t have to cover their ears because of the noise. We can just sit back and admire the show. Glorious.

I am super excited that we will get to go watch baseball again this year. I can’t wait to head to the beer cave, grab some stadium beers, grab some peanuts, and watch some baseball. I look forward to hopefully teaching my son a little more of the game by watching these pros play. I don’t know how much attention he will be able to put into it, but we will try. We will grab our gloves, and sit and wait for a foul ball to hopefully come our way. Best of all, we will sit with great friends and our amazing family and just enjoy watching baseball in the beautiful summer weather.


  1. Sara T. · 13 Days Ago

    This slice filled me with so much hope and things to look forward to!!! I can’t wait for summer baseball to be back and you’re so lucky to live so close to a great stadium. I often forget I’m also a stones throw from The Slammers’ games. Let’s get our crew together again this summer! 7 weeks can’t come soon enough.

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    • mcteaguem · 13 Days Ago

      I am in!! We never got to do the one I tried to put together a few years ago because of weather. We will get to one.


  2. Michelle Strezo · 13 Days Ago

    I can’t wait for baseball games either, they are so fun! I love how much your kids are excited to go to them too!!


  3. EugeniaKouts · 13 Days Ago

    Pete is so disappointed that the boys chose against playing ball this summer! I will definitely keep the Cougars games in mind. We all love baseball games – a little watching, a lot of eating and drinking!


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