The Happiest of Hours

Slowly but surely we are starting to get back to the way things used to be. We have an awesome staff at my school. We sit and chat and laugh daily. The hardest part about last year was the fact that I didn’t get to see all of them and have our daily border line inappropriate conversations. It is what makes coming to school fun. I love my job, but if I was with a crew that was stiff and crabby all the time, it would make me miserable. We have the opposite here. We ALL get along. We love to hang out and laugh together. We have so many inside jokes that you don’t even need to say anything half the time for the other person to know exactly what you are thinking.

This morning was a perfect example of that. What started off as two people in a room talking, ended up with like seven of us cracking jokes and laughing hysterically with each other. I had to pull myself together and get my filter back on before the kids came. Now, we get to end our day the way we began. We get to finally get out to a happy hour. We have had just one in the last year, and I miss them. It is a time to get out of school and just talk about anything. We try and steer away from school talk, but there are always the few who bring that to the party. Either way it is great to grab a drink, and sit and relax while telling stories and joking around. I missed this when we weren’t able to do it. It is another sign that things may be creeping back to normalcy.

It is a perfect start to what I hope to be a perfect spring break. I hope everyone else out here in school land can find a couple partners in crime to start the weekend off right. Now we just have to convince my principal to allow us to get off a little early. Happy spring break everybody!!


  1. Lori Brunke · 16 Days Ago

    So glad to be starting Spring Break off with Poetry! Come on TH.. 3:05!!!


  2. Michelle Strezo · 15 Days Ago

    Such a great time! Thanks for the invite!


  3. EugeniaKouts · 15 Days Ago

    I loved starting my day laughing with you and ending it the same way! Have a great break!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sara T. · 15 Days Ago

    So many much needed laughs! Best way to start my spring break!


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