Relevant Again

I grew up a huge Bulls fan. For as far back as I can remember, we went to at least a few Bulls games every year. We have been really spoiled because my uncle did a lot of work with a member of the Bulls organization. That work led to them becoming really close. Therefore, when we needed tickets, we could give my uncle a call and he would hook us up. We never took advantage of it, but we would get a couple sets of tickets every year. The best was when he gave us his season tickets for a game. He had eighth row seats on the aisle. They were amazing. Getting that close to the action really allowed you to see how big these men truly were. The game was right in front of you, and they could actually hear you cheer for them.

Over the last couple of years, my love for the Bulls faded. Their old regime dragged the historic franchise down. The thought of the Bulls, who won six championships with a Michael Jordan led team, are now fighting to keep out of the basement was depressing. The had a couple of decent years when D-Rose was on the team, but since then, I didn’t even recognize half the team. I couldn’t watch them anymore. I didn’t even really enjoy going to the games anymore. The only reason I went was to bring friends into those awesome seats, or bring my kids for the experience. It was a really sad reality that I couldn’t stand to watch the team I grew up loving.

Last year they finally got rid of GarPax, and now they have a great mind running the show. This was proven today when they finally made a power move for an all-star center. I will spare all the names because most reading this post won’t know them anyway. Every move the last couple of years were parallel moves that got the Bulls no where. No star wanted to come here as a free agent because this team was going no where. Now, the Bulls are finally going somewhere. They are making moves to finally get out of the cellar of the NBA. Is this move going to bring a championship this year? Probably not. However, it is bringing us closer to being relevant again. It is bringing us closer to more stars actually wanting to come to this team again. It is bringing us closer to fans jumping on board and watching this team again….with pride. It makes me excited to be a Bulls fan again. It makes me remember those old days, and now I can start bringing that joy to my own kids. Now we just have to be able to go to games again.


  1. Trina · 17 Days Ago

    Jax was talking to me about the guy they got and what / who they traded to get him. I said that sounds like a lot for one guy. He assured me it was a good move and that this guy is worth it. He was excited about it and I live when he talks to me about things like this.
    Too bad I didn’t read your slice first. Maybe he would’ve been so impressed if I brought this up first!

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    • mcteaguem · 16 Days Ago

      I’ll make sure to keep you up on that kind of stuff so you can go impress him. I’m impressed about his knowledge!!

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  2. Natalie Dunne · 16 Days Ago

    Great that they may be going places again! I LOVED watching them during the threepeat and repeat the threepeat years. I COVERED my bedroom and the guest room walls with newspaper clippings. The Trib had a full page feature each week for Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, Kerr, and maybe Harper? They were all on my walls too 🙂 It was so fun and exciting watching those games and I just loved the championship gatherings (?? I can’t think of the right word) at Grant Park with all of the speeches. So fun. I feel like your slice has instantly transported me back to those times. Such a fun, nostalgic feeling 🙂

    I left after they dissolved the team in ’98. I was so bummed.


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