GoodBye My Love…

As you may have heard from some people in our district, we are losing the one consistent amazing thing that we have had this year…Wednesdays. Most people don’t love Wednesday’s because they are in the middle of the week. You still have two long days after that you have to struggle through. Well, for us this year, that magnificent day of the week is what made getting through the rest of the week a little easier. We have had Wednesdays to use for us. We still met with kids for SEL, read aloud, and sometimes small groups. But the rest of the day was ours. It was that time we could use for planning with our partners. We didn’t have to cram our planning into the tight special schedules that we have during the week. We didn’t have to plan our week on that random hallway encounter you had with your partner while they are desperately trying to go pee for the first time in 11 hours. Every Wednesday, I left not only having concrete plans for the rest of that week, but also have the following week planned as well. It gave us that day to check in with our week and see if we needed to adjust any of the plans for the following two days. We had time to collaborate, copy, and really get ourselves prepared. It was so nice.

The other part of Wednesdays that I loved is that we got to wear jeans. Any teacher in the world knows the luxury that is. It just gives you that one day to feel comfortable and normal. We got to have lunch, uninterrupted, without the fear of choking on our food because we were scarfing it down before the kids come back in from recess. You know the drill. Now that we are eating in our classrooms, nosy little students come in and scope out every single thing you ate. I avoid that at all costs. We also get to actually have some conversations with other staff…other friends that have seemed like long lost strangers this year. You can go visit a colleague’s room, laugh and reminisce. You just have time!!

Even though Wednesdays end up being so busy trying to get everything together in between getting online, planning, and a couple meetings, you leave feeling accomplished. I leave Wednesdays with nothing in my hands, nothing to do at home. It is a great feeling. I am going to miss this Wednesdays. I wish they would implement these into our normal school schedule. These Wednesdays keep us refreshed and keep us prepared. I will miss you buddy. It was great while it lasted.

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  1. Ramona · 18 Days Ago

    Oh, what a gift. Wouldn’t it be great if wonderful Wednesdays could be a permanent part of your school week? So glad you had them to help sustain you this year.


  2. You captured this perfectly! This will probably be my post for tomorrow. Today was a sad day… back to 5 full days of teaching 😬


  3. Lori Brunke · 17 Days Ago

    Yep it was so good while it lasted.. Leaving work Tuesdays not worrying cuz you’ll get it done on Wednesday and then leaving work on Wedneddays not worrying cuz you are ready to go… It was like a mini work weekend in the middle of the week..


  4. Trina · 17 Days Ago

    Perfectly said! They absolutely helped keep me sane. Wednesdays just had such a different feel!


  5. Michelle Strezo · 17 Days Ago

    Despite Wednesdays being a day full of meetings for me, I will miss hearing the banter in the hallways, the ability to wear jeans and just the different stress level of the day!


    • mcteaguem · 17 Days Ago

      It’s way more fun when you’re at the right school!!


  6. EugeniaKouts · 17 Days Ago

    My heart ached today knowing the end is near, but I think about the joy we felt having so many Wednesdays! I will definitely be mourning this loss for years to come!


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