Facebook, I Hate you…but I Love You

There is always such a love/hate relationship with all social media, Facebook in particular. There are so many days when I hate it. For so many reasons. First and foremost, it consumes way too much of my time. Obviously, it is self inflicted, but it has just become too much of a habit. This is the main problem. I will sit and scroll through Facebook and look at everyone’s feed until I either get too bored, too frustrated, or until I get to where I have already seen it. I will then put my phone down. Ahh a break….for like 7 minutes. I will then pick it up and start looking again as if in the last seven minutes new, amazing stuff would be posted. It’s habit. I literally don’t even care about most of what I see on there, it is just engrained in my brain to look at it. I hate it!

Another reason I hate it is because I don’t like listening to people’s opinions about things they shouldn’t have opinions about. At least not online. The Trump/Biden posts almost threw me over the edge. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I literally had to mute about ten people because I couldn’t deal with their comments anymore. There is a time and a place for people to express their opinions, and to me, Facebook is not that place. Again, this is just my opinion, but it is another reason I hate Facebook.

My last reason is because it creeps me out. They listen!! You all know what I am talking about. You shop on your phone, the next hour there is ads about what you looked for. That is one thing. I get they take the information you searched online and use that. That is still weird, but doesn’t bother me as much as when they listen. My buddy and I were in the car talking about how his foot hurt. I said it sounded somewhat like plantar fasciitis, which my brother in law had. We didn’t look it up on our phones, we only talked about it. The next morning, he sends me a text with an ad for plantar fasciitis. Disturbing!

But then I love it. Today I got reminded of one of the reasons that I love it. The memories. It is usually my favorite part of my day. I love to see some of the memories that pop up. I kind of love and hate that they show up at different times of the day. I never know when they are going to come. Today I got two great memories right away when I woke up. The first one was of my dog that passed away on this day three years ago. It was sad, but seeing the pictures of him that I posted just brought a smile to my face. I loved that dog, and I love when I get the chance to see him. If it weren’t for Facebook, the only time I would see him is if I am scrolling deep into my pictures on my phone. The second reason is the memory of mine and my wife’s “babymoon” came up today. It was our trip to San Antonio that we went on before we had our first child, seven years ago. It was one of my favorite trips that we have ever been on. It was just us, well and our boy swimming around in her stomach. We weren’t at an all inclusive drinking all day. We didn’t have a thousand friends all over us and schedules to follow. It was just us, and doing anything we wanted to do. It was a very special trip, and I love those memories.

Facebook can really suck sometimes. Other times it can be amazing. It really is great to see some fantastic memories or other special events. My brother in law just got engaged, and even though we knew it was coming soon, we didn’t know when. It was that cool shock factor seeing online that was really exciting. Those are the things that keep me checking it. Well, that and the fact that I am obsessed with it and can’t stop looking. Again, I hate Facebook.


  1. Lori Brunke · 19 Days Ago

    I totally agree. I feel the same. The good posts I enjoy are definitely outnumbered by the other posts but it seems like when they do pop up, whether a memory or a picture of someone you haven’t heard about in awhile, it outweighs all the other posts. I guess there are worse things we can be doing, but then again there are a lot better things too. It is super creepy that they listen and it is super addicting and a big time waster too and even after knowing all that, I, same as you, will be scrolling it again before I know it.


  2. carolannclark · 19 Days Ago

    I feel the same and for the same reasons!! You have lots of company!!


  3. EugeniaKouts · 19 Days Ago

    All points made are the same ones I would make! My favorite thing is when I talk to my sister I complain, “Ugh there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything I want done, done, but there is plenty of time to scroll Facebook because you never know if someone posts something the second you log off.” UGH! It sucks the life out of me, but I need to go see if anyone liked my post . . .


  4. Trina · 19 Days Ago

    Totally agreed Mark! I like to positivity, the pictures, keeping in touch. But seriously, how often do I need to check it. It is ok of I like a post a day or two later!! I tell myself tgis every day!


  5. theapplesinmyorchard · 19 Days Ago

    I regularly espouse my hatred of FaceBook but I”m still on it. I try to keep my opinions to myself but get very frustrated at how so many others need to express theirs. I just have to scroll past. Yes, there are some great things about it, but there are some really lousy things too. Lately, I’ve just been thinking of getting off it altogether. We’ll see. Good post.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Alice · 19 Days Ago

    All of the yes! My favorite is the memories feature as well. It doesn’t help for me to delete it from my phone because I just download it again. I put a timer to limit myself. I enter the code multiple time to unlock it. Sigh…

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  7. Sara T. · 18 Days Ago

    Agreed. Such a time waster sometimes! I’m still there for the connections it provides to so many friends and family I never get to see in person.


  8. Natalie Dunne · 18 Days Ago

    I laughed at this: “Ahh a break….for like 7 minutes. I will then pick it up and start looking again as if in the last seven minutes new, amazing stuff would be posted.” I am the exact same way.

    Your trip with your wife sounds so nice 🙂

    And yeah, I too may hate things about it, but I can’t kick the habit. Like you said, “Well, that and the fact that I am obsessed with it and can’t stop looking.”


  9. Michelle Strezo · 17 Days Ago

    It is a fine line between love and hate with FB!!


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