Ten Feet From the Vet

The whole quarantine thing is pretty weird overall.  Staying at home, only allowed to go to the store, ordering take out from any restaurant that is still open.  Today, I think I had the strangest experience though.  The vet.  My poor dog has been really favoring his ear, both scratching and shaking his head constantly for the last two days.  He never usually scratches at himself, so we knew something was up.  When my wife gave him a bath the other day, she said there was stuff coming out of his ears that should not come out of any animal.  It was time to take him to the vet.

When I called, they said they could get me “in” at 3:00.  She said they are being compliant with the social distancing, so just pull up and call them when I get there.  When I got there, I was five feet from the door on the street.  I brought my daughter with me just so she could get out of the house.  They told me that someone would meet me outside to grab him.  I described to her what was going on over the phone.  They grabbed him, brought him in, and told me to stay in my car.  They would call me when they had news.  Twenty minutes later I get a call from the vet saying sure enough, he has some nasty ear infections.  She said they cleaned it out, and now needed to figure out exactly what it was so they knew what medicine to give him.  She said she would call me back.  Sure enough, about ten minutes later I get a call explaining what it was and what to do about it.

The crazy thing is that she was literally about ten feet from me, and I never once saw her.  I paid over the phone, a tech brought him out, and away we drove.  The whole social distancing thing has been weird, but today it hit a new level.  Now to get this poor guy on the mend.


  1. susand1123 · March 27

    Very weird. At least the vets are available so that your dog could get help.


  2. Michelle · March 27

    poor pup! Dog ear infections are the worst! Definitely an odd experience.


  3. Sara T. · March 27

    I need to take Brutus into the vet to get his paw looked at. I was wondering if they were staying open. This gave me hope! Hope your pup is on the mend soon. I’ve had to apply those ear drops so many times!


  4. Trina · March 27

    It is so weird and kind of impressive how businesses have adjusted to all of this. Lexie has an appointment on Monday. It is just a check up, so I was assuming it was cancelled , but they called to confirm. I will be interested to see if this is the same routine.


  5. Natalie Dunne · March 27

    It’s all so weird. Glad your pup could get help.


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