Today I tried my second attempt at having a Zoom meeting with my students.  After the first attempt, I was a little discouraged.  I logged on all excited to talk with them, and crickets.  Not one student joined.  I sat there for a half hour hoping someone would drop in to say hi.  Nope.  Not a one.  Today was different though.  Today, I had 14 out of my 21 students join.  It was awesome to see them and to talk to them.  It was a little awkward at times trying to make sure everyone was involved, but it worked out well.  They got a chance to talk about what they have been up to, and what school work they have been doing.  Sadly, it didn’t sound like a whole lot of either.  I am going to do another one on Friday, and this time I gave them a challenge.  I challenged them to bring things to the table that they have been doing.  It could be a cool game they played, a fort they built, an obstacle course, a website they visited, a book they read.  Anything!  I want them to give each other ideas on what they can be doing during this time.  I even created a Google Doc that is a chart they can fill out all of the things that they have been doing over the course of this week.  Hopefully that will lead to some better conversation, as well as some ideas they can take and use to fill the empty hours of their week.

After doing the meeting, we had school work with my kids, played Bey Blades, took a bike ride, played with stomp rockets, ran to the store, and cooked dinner, it was now time to connect with my family.  We are close, and usually spend a decent amount of time together, so not being able to do that has been tough.  We had everyone from my parents, my sisters and brother in laws, to my niece, nephews, and my own family.  It was nice to catch up, joke around, and just chat for a while.  I found out my nieces made an amazing beer pong table for the lake house, so I am pretty excited about that.  Then we closed it off by doing a virtual shot together.

It was really nice to connect to everyone today!  It is really tough not being able to see everyone, so being able to connect like this makes it a little easier.

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  1. Cassie · March 25

    I’m hosting my first zoom meeting tomorrow. Hoping for a good turnout!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Trina · March 25

    Even though it was a bit awkward, I am impressed that 14 kids joined! That is awesome.
    Friday, we are going to try a 3rd grade zoom. None of us want to chat 1 on 1…talk about awkward 🤣


  3. Sara T. · March 25

    How old are your nieces?!?


  4. mcteaguem · March 25

    19 and 17. They just build tables. And watch. And play with water.


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