One good thing about being stuck in the house forever is that now I can get some of the projects done around the house that I have been putting off.  I have decided to try and take it one floor at a time.  Today I started in the basement, in the crawl space.  Probably the last room that I should have started in, but it needed to be done.  We have so much crap down there that needs to be organized.  I organized all the shelves and the million games that we have.  I dusted, which honestly may have never been done since we moved in.  Tomorrow will be going through the rest of the basement with the kids and purging anything they don’t play with anymore.  I can’t wait!

Then I move upstairs to the middle floor.  This is where I will be spending most of my time.  I have to repaint some of our cabinets, and put hardware on half of them.  Then I have to replace a bunch of transition pieces on our baseboards that my dog decided were chew toys when he was a puppy.  I have to then deep clean the whole area.

From there is upstairs.  Luckily my wife finally tackled our closet, and now I can confirm that we do actually have a floor in there.  It looks amazing. I have already done a few small projects up there, but there are places where there is a huge need.  The bathrooms.  Both of our bathrooms need a complete makeover.  I don’t have the funds to completely rip them apart like I want to, but it is time to start fixing them little by little.

I am not looking forward to getting all of this done, and I probably won’t, but at least we are making some progress.  The nice thing is that I actually need to do this stuff to keep myself sane.  Here’s to hoping that I get all of these things checked off my list.


  1. mrsday75 · March 23

    You have such a nice organized plan. I’ve just been willy nilly and not accomplishing much. Maybe I’ll try the floor by floor plan!

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    • mcteaguem · March 23

      My plan sounds better than it actually is. I haven’t gotten as much done as I had hoped. But there is still lots of time.


  2. Trina · March 23

    You were so much more productive than me today. I dont know if it was the snow or reality setting in, but I didn’t feel like doing anything.
    Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow and I will feel a bit more productive!

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    • mcteaguem · March 23

      It took me a long time. I couldn’t stand being lazy anymore.


  3. Melody Keasler · March 23

    I would love to get stuff like this done too. It’s so extra hard with super little kids. Maybe someday.


  4. CKing · March 23

    Way to be motivated! I can’t wait to hear about all the things you get done! I also have a lengthy list.. Trying to spread it out so that I don’t end up with nothing to do… hah!

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  5. terisblog302496239 · March 23

    Good luck with that list! I focused on the main floor today. We’ll see if things continue to get accomplished tomorrow.


  6. EugeniaKouts · March 23

    So jealous you got so much done already! I have not done anything!! I now am breaking down my huge list with a day plan! So tomorrow it is teaching and grading my essays. Hopefully I will be productive!


  7. Shelly021 · March 23

    I started deep cleaning last night and got so much done today, but honestly does the list ever end. I asked my mom what is on her to do list…she said she couldn’t make one since she would be busy with mine! Bahahaha!


  8. Natalie Dunne · March 23

    Good job! I thought I’d have so much done by now. But the house pretty much looks like it’s messy self still. Maybe this week!


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