Messenger Kids

The fact that we can’t get our kids together with their cousins is killing them.  They want nothing more than to have a play date, a sleepover, or just a few hours to play with them.  But…they can’t.  We are in full lock down, so now we have to improvise.  Today my sister sent my kids an invite for Messenger Kids.  I built profiles for both, picked the people who they can connect with and we are online.  

My nieces and nephews immediately starting contacting them.  They sent notes, pictures, and videos.  It was like Christmas for my two.  They loved getting the messages!  They started off pretty shy, simply sending “hi” back.  Then their grandparents started connecting with them.  Now they are sending messages back with pictures for their grandparents to see.  Before I new it, they had this downloaded on their IPADS, and were now calling anyone that would answer.  My son connected with his cousin Quinn, who is a little older, but his best friend.  He is walking all over our house showing him his new Bey Blades.  These two sat and chatted like a bunch of old women for like a half hour.  Then there was my three year old.  She called four people, but barely talked to them.  As she dragged her IPAD around our house, the unlucky person who responded got a view of our carpet, walls, and a couple shots of our dog.  

It is so cool that in this time where these poor kids can’t see any of their friends or family, at least they can connect with them now.  I look forward to many more entertaining conversations between them.  


  1. EugeniaKouts · March 21

    So fun for them! So funny you posted this because I just got a Messenger call from my 6 year old nephew! He was so excited to tell me about this new app and when I asked if I was the first person he thought to call he replied, “Well no, but no one else could talk. So, you were the first one to answer.” He proceeded to show me funny images of himself with weird/different backgrounds (an old lady, a bacteria/virus/atom?) We had a great time until one of his previous options decided to return his call!


    • mcteaguem · March 21

      That’s hilarious! That is exactly how it went here! You can at least say you were the one nice enough to answer first! It is really funny to see how excited they get when they get a message, and how hilarious they are using all the filters.


  2. Leigh Anne Eck · March 21

    Can you imagine doing this without technology? This is such a happy slice!

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  3. terisblog302496239 · March 21

    That’s great that they can find new ways to connect!


  4. kvanhorn1966 · March 21

    That’s so awesome! What a great way for them to connect!


  5. Trina · March 22

    Everyone needs to stay connected, even little ones. I am so glad you found a way to keep them connected to their cousins. These will be great memories for all of them!


  6. Shelly021 · March 22

    That is so cute! It is killing all of us, we just want to have a face to face conversation with anyone, a neighbor, a friend, a stranger…really ANYONE! What a great way to get them to feel connected!


  7. Noora108 · March 22

    Michael just started “google hangouts” with some of his friends today. They are really having difficulty understanding the need for social distancing. Love that your daughter has her own app on her iPad….it’s really cute that she can call people and potentially answer. Keep them busy chatting away so they aren’t chatting with you 😉


  8. Natalie Dunne · March 23

    Video chatting has been pretty nice for my kids too!


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