Night Out

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not one for staying in on the weekends.  I like to be social, get together with friends, play games, and have a couple of beers.  I am fine with it being with kids, but some nights you need to have that adult night out.  Last night we got that.  It was well overdue, and much needed.  The best thing for us is that my kids love babysitters.  They think it is a treat!  We try not to use them too much, but I think it is so important for us parents to get out every once in a while without them.  Not to mention our friend’s kids come over, so they get a full night of just playing.

We started at a new-ish brewery in St. Charles called Riverlands.  We have been trying to go there forever, so I was excited to finally get there.  I was definitely not disappointed.  Their beer was fantastic, and for food they bring in different food trucks, or pop-up restaurants to feed the crowd.  It was all delicious!  One thing that I love about a lot of the smaller breweries that I have been to is that they have some games to play.  Last night we got to play “Shut the Box,” which I am a big fan of.  I am not saying that I am going to become a regular there, but I am not saying that I am not.

Being that we were with two non-beer drinking people, we decided to head out after a couple drinks.  We headed over to Flagship on the Fox, which is Jarred Payton’s place (Walter Payton’s son).  It is another cool place, minus that for some reason it smelled like a kid’s beat up, super old shoe that got wet.  That wasn’t so pleasant, but everything else is cool.  This is absolutely my kind of place.  It is huge, has a really good beer selection, pretty good food, but most important…games!  It has everything from old school video games to shuffleboard and darts.  My friend is on a huge darts kick right now so we played that most of the night.

To cap off the night we headed back home and played Euchre with our friends that were staying over.  About 2:30 later, we finally got to bed.  The hard part today is that it is super nice out, which means we have to get our lazy butts up and get the kids out of the house.  Having trouble thinking of what to do though.  Any thoughts?

Overall, last night was perfect.  It was a great night with great friends.  I love being able to go once a month or so without the kids, and just do some of the things that we love.

Oh, and I am happy to be back slicing.  Looking forward to reading all of yours!



  1. laffertylrc · March 1

    Happy 1st post! I agree that those nights are needed, though it seems like forever between them. With young kids you often forget the power of escaping Disney movies and Kids Bop. Looking forward to checking out the venues you mentioned. Thanks.

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  2. Natalie Dunne · March 1

    My kids love babysitters too. They always get dessert 🙂

    Loved this line “smelled like a kid’s beat up, super old shoe that got wet.” Definitely got the point…or whiff.

    And yay euchre!! We have a set of friends we always play with, and I just love it!

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  3. Sara T. · March 1

    Let me know the next time you get a sitter and I’ll drop the kids off!

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  4. EugeniaKouts · March 2

    Family nights are important but so are adult-only nights! Need the balance and the need to go out to non-kid-friendly places! Sounds like a long, but fun night. Did you end up taking the kids out to a park or just let them run around the hose while you slept on and off all day???

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    • mcteaguem · March 2

      We actually took them and the dog and walked along the river in Downtown Batavia. It was beautiful out! Then we came back and worked on our golf swings. Then I crashed🍺

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