While the Women are Away

Nothing like a random Tuesday night to hang out with some of the boys…and all kids.  My wife and her friends decided to visit Cooper’s Hawk for some wine tasting and dinner tonight.  All of the husbands decided since they are going out, we might as well get together as well.  Therefore all of the husbands are bringing their kids over to my place for a couple of beers and to cook out.

I am a little disappointed because the weather earlier this week didn’t look too promising for cooking out, so when I went to the store to buy stuff for tonight, I bought mostly food we could cook inside.  As I currently look outside, it is sunny and beautiful out, and the storms won’t be coming until later.  Luckily I did get some brats, which are currently soaking in beer so we can at least cook something on the grill.

Even though I wish that this wasn’t happening on a Tuesday, it is always nice to get the guys together. I love nothing more than cooking out and having a drink or two.  The one positive about it being on a Tuesday is it will most likely not be a late night. That would make for a long second half to the week.  Either way, I am excited to hang out tonight, watch some games, and play with the little ones.



  1. Dana Murphy · March 16, 2016

    I love these kinds of nights. Brats soaked in beer, a grill, and good friends. You captured it well here.

    Love the title too.


  2. neylonk · March 16, 2016

    I can “feel” your comfort here. Such a nice thing for all of you to do! And I bet the kids love it too!

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  3. beckymusician · March 17, 2016

    I hope the guys and the girls had a great night! Sounds like fun.


  4. Holly · March 17, 2016

    Sounds like fun! Glad you made your own slice happen!

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  5. LuuLuu · March 17, 2016

    I like that the girls got to go out and the guys stayed back with the kids! Nice work boys!!

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    • mcteaguem · March 17, 2016

      I agree! It is great for them to get a night out. We get to go out and golf, play our sports, and do other things with just the guys while they stay home with the kids. It is nice to give them a night to get out and catch up.


  6. jehansen13 · March 17, 2016

    Sounds like a great night!


  7. Veronica · March 19, 2016

    “..it is always nice to get the guys together. I love nothing more..”

    You’re such an optimistic guy. No, really! Please don’t be offended, but I notice a lot of honesty and … well, echoes of passion in what you enjoy.. very refreshing.

    Wonderful to see in man-writing! lol



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