Bring on Spring

I love spring!  It is my favorite season for many reasons.  As I have posted before, I love spring because it starts to get warm again.  You get to do things that winter doesn’t allow.  Today we got to hang out at a friends house for a St. Patrick’s Day party.  It was amazing.  I loved being able to be outdoors, hanging out with friends, and having a couple of drinks.

We started off the day going over to a friend’s house, getting together with people we enjoy hanging out with.  We walked over to downtown St. Charles and caught the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  I am not a huge parade guy, but on a day like this, I was all about it. My son got to see the bands, fire trucks, and horses.  He was on cloud nine which makes everything better for us.  We got to hang out with friends, have a couple of drinks hidden away, and enjoy what spring had to offer for us.  It was terrific.

Once we got back to their place after the parade, the boys got to go and play bags, while the girls got to catch up and chat.  The kids ran around, climbed trees and played tag.  Everyone was feeling good, and doing the things that they loved.  This is they type of thing that I could literally do every day.  I love hanging out with friends, being social, and enjoying the beautiful weather outside.  It isn’t the heat that summer brings, but to me, it is better than that.  It is warm enough to be outside in a t-shirt and jeans which is my favorite thing to be in.  I seriously love spring!  I love being outdoors and playing games and having fun.  Today was perfect, and I can’t wait for more of these days in the near future.



  1. beckymusician · March 13, 2016

    That sounds like a perfect day! We need more of those days – friends, fun, food, being outside. You’ve inspired me to look ahead and try for some time like this.


  2. ams4blog · March 14, 2016

    I love spring tooooo!!! For all the same reasons, minus watching the Cubs! 😬


  3. Lisa R · March 14, 2016

    I can tell you love Spring! Enjoy every minute of it.


  4. Veronica · March 19, 2016

    I’m wondering how old your little son is .. and what his response to what he saw was.

    I’m wondering if he wore t-shirts and jeans like you!

    I’m wondering if he felt the same way Daddy did..

    I’m wondering HOW he experienced the joy of his father enjoying Spring!

    Wow! Thanks for spurring my thoughts!! And being so honest about what you’re seeing in your world.

    Thank you!


    • mcteaguem · March 20, 2016

      My son is almost 2, he will be two in May. I tried to copy and paste a picture of him in a t-shirt and jeans but it wouldn’t let me. To answer that question, yes he definitely wears that.


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