Stomach Flu

Stomach flu go away, I hate you, you stink!

You make the stomach bubbly and make us lose everything we drink

You make us run to the toilet because we feel like we’re going to burst

You just come whenever you want and your timing is the worst


Stomach flu go away, I hate you, you stink!

Every body part is sore, it even hurts to blink

You make it so we’re hungry but won’t even dare to eat

You make it so we’re freezing yet we can wring the sweat out of the sheet


Stomach flu go away, I hate you, you stink

People say they feel blue, yet every body part is flushed with pink

The couch or your bed are where we get stuck for days

You try to produce a thought, but your mind is such a haze


I feel really terrible, even more than you know…

Oh wait my poor wife is throwing up again, I gotta go!



Screw you stomach flu

You got me too!!




  1. ams4blog · March 7, 2016

    Oh nooooooo!!! I’m sorry, the stomach flu is the worst! Feel better!


  2. Dana Murphy · March 7, 2016

    I feel like I should write “I’m so sorry you’re sick”, but I’m so distracted by the fact that you wrote A POEM (a really, really good poem) that I can’t even! This is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mcteaguem · March 7, 2016

    Apparently you just need to get to know me a little better Dana! I used to write a lot of poems for your group “poetry” outings. I think we are going to have to make it so you go to one of those!


  4. beckymusician · March 8, 2016

    Oh no! I know it’s going around. I’ve been lucky so far. It is really amazing that you can write anything at all when you’re sick. I have no excuses anymore.


  5. neylonk · March 8, 2016

    How lucky we are to be able to read all this great writing! Where have you been hiding it?? Hope you’re feeling better, and the house stays well!


    • mcteaguem · March 8, 2016

      Thank you Kelly! I actually have always loved to write, but this has been way cooler than I thought it was going to be. Everyone is better in our house thank goodness! Thanks for your response!


  6. LuuLuu · March 8, 2016

    I love the poem.. NIce job.. and I like the twist at the end. Sorry fir your luck getting it too!


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